SP SPORTSPICS is owned and operated by Shelia Parodi. Shelia is a longtime resident of Lakeway, Texas, and a very involved and committed mother, wife, businesswoman and tireless volunteer in the Lakeway/Lake Travis community.  Says Shelia...

"I started out as a mom who enjoyed taking pictures of my children. When they started sports, I realized that I loved sports photography.  I have now turned my hobby into something that I love and truly enjoy doing. Not only do I continue to take lots of photos of my son, I now shoot for many of the Lake Travis High school teams."

In fact, Shelia has been very busy with Lake Travis High School in recent years, having shot action shots of most of the LT sports, also including Cavalettes and 7 on 7, as well as some very memorable and highly visible promotional shots for the baseball team, featured prominently in the baseball stadium. If you're at an LT sporting event, you'll see her. Look for the lady courtside, or on the sidelines, or leaning over the foul fence with the lens that's bigger than she is... that's Shelia. That's SP Sportspics!

It is Shelia's knowledge of and camaraderie with the athletes, coaches, teens and families in the community that gives her special insight into best capturing the true spirit and genuineness of the moments and events she photographs - whether it's sports or family portraits. Only a photographer her truly knows her subjects as Shelia does - who truly cares about what she's shooting - can convey the essence of her subjects as well as Shelia does.

Shelia has also been active shooting advertising and promotional photography for Waterways Magazine and other businesses and print media available in the area, as well as building a large portfolio of family and senior portraits.

Shelia lives in Austin with her husband Bill and sons, Devon and Nathan.

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